Science box

Free activity from the Lab 0_6 and the CESIRE_CDEC

The materials we present, the Living Being Box and the Air and Wind Box, are the result of the collaboration between CESIRE and UManresa, with the aim of producing materials that can be lent to schools. Accompanied by didactic activities, the elements found in the boxes are designed to generate doubts and questions in the group and awaken the desire to know more and to investigate.

Living Being Box

The way of working in early childhood education facilitates approaching science through observation and manipulation. Each of the objects and materials included in the “Living Being Box” is designed to help students to ask themselves questions, to look for reasons, to compare answers and to draw conclusions that will allow them to advance in the construction of their own living being model.

Air and Wind Box

Games are a learning tool for the child. They provide opportunities to rehearse, test, explore, experiment… With the materials contained in the Air and Wind box, children will be able to learn about the essential properties of air: air is everywhere, it takes up space, when it is in motion it is the wind and its force can be used, and it can be measured with certain instruments, etc.

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