Training for education professionals

The Lab 0_6 team gives support to both initial training for infant education teachers and the permanent training of active teachers. Together with the teaching staff, it creates and develops innovative experiences which can be carried out in schools.

At Lab 0_6 we accompany teachers and professionals in the process of learning and introducing science to early childhood education from an enjoyable and engaging perspective for everyone: both children and teachers.

How is this done?

By establishing the practical approach to science that we propose from a theoretical basis. The interrelation between theory and practice is one of the foundations of our training programmes. Based on some more general basic ideas, reflections on coherent practical implementation are provided, and as far as possible, particular requests that may arise for each individual or for each school’s specific characteristics are attended to or answered.

The training sessions are organised in such a way that the ease offered by virtual contexts is taken advantage of in all those situations in which it is useful. Nonetheless, visiting the Lab 0_6 facilities in Manresa directly is also encouraged in all cases, as this visit is always inspiring for the teachers, since in a short time they can see many possibilities of doing simple science activities that can be transferred to the classroom.