Lab 0-6 is the starting point: give it continuity in the classroom

After the experimentation workshop in Lab 0-6, you can continue the work done and integrate it into the daily dynamics of the classroom. Invite the children to continue asking questions and looking for possible answers.

On this page you will find questions to promote the continuity of the work in the classroom on the subject of some of the activities.

We also offer you the possibility of holding a virtual session aimed at your children regarding specific topics that you are researching.

Do you need a scientific perspective? Write to us at the address with the subject: Can you help us?

If it is in our hands, we will be delighted to support you!

The ramp and the ball


Can we create a ramp similar to the one in the Lab? Remember that there is an important rule: the ball must be dropped onto it. Can you manage to control the path of the ball so that it goes where you want?


  • Can you indicate the path the ball will take before you drop it?
  • What happens if you change the ball?
  • What happens if you incline the ramp a bit more?
  • What happens if we change the texture of the surface?
  • What happens if…

Stick insects


  • How do you think they manage to go unnoticed?
  • What do you think these pieces of skin that appear on the floor could be?
  • What changes take place in the terrarium? What changes take place in the stick insect?
  • Where do you think their heads must be?
  • What do you think they look like inside?

Wind tunnel


  • How do you know it can make wind? Can we make it?
  • How can we measure it? Do you know which instrument can measure it? How does it work? What does it do? Can we make one?
  • Can everything move with the wind?
  • Are air and wind the same? Where is the air? When is the air there? Can we feel it? How do we imagine it is made?
  • How do you imagine the wind to be? Could you draw what it looks like? Does it look like your drawing of air?



  • What is force? What kind of forces do you know? What do they do or how do they work?
  • How do you think the force of magnets works?
  • What materials are attracted to magnets? What other materials do they work with?
  • Do all magnets always attract?
  • Can the strength of the magnet be measured? How?

Water of Colours


  • Can you complete the colour chart you started in the Lab?
  • What changes do we cause when we cut, grate or mash food?
  • Observe what you have achieved… We will record the changes over the course of a few days and take note (double entry boxes and record the observations): colour, smell, …
  • Can we obtain lighter or darker colours than those which we have? How can we do it?
  • Can we undo the transformation? Why/why not?
  • How can we explain, represent, or draw this?